the odyssey

Reviews in the Boston Phoenix, Philly’s CityPaper, and Bay Windows. There’s also a second, shorter write-up in the Boston Phoenix.
THE ODYSSEY is 4th in the POCKET MYTHS series and is a collaboration between Andrea Lawlor and filmmaker Bernadine Mellis. It comprises a zine complete with stories, poetry, and art, and an accompanying film on DVD. The film consists of 24 continuous shorts by 24 groups of filmmakers telling the complete story of THE ODYSSEY, Homer’s epic in 24 chapters.

The story begins at the end of a war, the invasion of Troy by the Greeks, and chronicles the 10-year journey home of one warrior, Odysseus. Having offended Poseidon, the God of the Sea, Odysseus is thwarted at every turn in his voyage, and even passes through the realm of the dead before reaching Ithaka, his kingdom.

The epic hints at what it might mean to travel to wage war, to then try to return to the point of departure, and to have both left behind and carried home chaos. The original impulse for the project came—in part—out of a desire to create a forum for exploring some of these themes.

Then again, each piece of THE ODYSSEY represents each artist’s particular interpretation.


Bernadine Mellis curated the film.
Andrea Lawlor edited the book.
Samauel Topiary edited the film.
Courtney Dailey designed the book.


  • Book 1: Miriam Klein Stahl
  • Book 2: Lizzy Bonaventura & Anita Chao
  • Book 3: Gretchen Hildebran
  • Book 4: Bernadine Mellis
  • Book 5: Kara Lynch
  • Book 6: Davina Semo
  • Book 7: Kara Hearn
  • Book 8: Paula Cronan & Laurie Weeks
  • Book 9: Rebecca Yaffe & Laura Mays
  • Book 10: Rebecca Lee, Bernadine Mellis, Corinna Press
  • Book 11: Bernadine Mellis, Mendal Polish, Irit Reinheimer
  • Book 12a: Samuael Topiary
  • Book 12b: Laska Jimsen & Jason Coyle
  • Book 13: Mendal Polish, A. Quintero, Irit Reinheimer
  • Book 14: Courtney Dailey & Michael Hyde
  • Book 15: Miranda Mellis & Popahna Brandes
  • Book 16: Bill Basquin
  • Book 17: EE Miller
  • Book 18: Lamby K. Morreale
  • Book 19: Mary McDermott
  • Book 20: Paula Cronan & Juliana Snapper
  • Book 21: Zoe Strauss
  • Book 22: Eileen Myles
  • Book 23: Dori Midnight, Signe Mae Olson, Shayne Case
  • Book 24: Miriam Klein Stahl

  • AIOLOS: Justin Audia
  • ANTIKLEIA: Maggie Nelson
  • ANTINOOS: Xylor Jane
  • ARGOS: Andrea Lawlor
  • ARGOS: Jen Welch
  • ATHENA: Delia Mellis
  • BIRDS: Jennifer Lee
  • DAWN: Miranda Pierce
  • EUMAIOS: Popahna Brandes
  • EURYNOME: Cathy Halley
  • HADES: Paula Cronan
  • HELEN: Ari Banias
  • HERMES: Dori Midnight
  • KALYPSO Miranda Mellis
  • KHARYBDIS: Emily Abendroth
  • KHARYBDIS: Xylor Jane
  • KIRKE: Corinna Press
  • KIRKE: Megan Milks
  • LAERTES: Ryan Eckes
  • LAERTES’S SLAVE: Robin Coste Lewis
  • LOTOS EATERS: Steve Dolph
  • MELANTHIOS: Ariana Reines
  • NAUSIKAA: Amanda Davidson
  • NAUSIKAA’S MAIDS: Christian Nagler
  • ODYSSEUS’S CREWMEN: Miriam Klein Stahl
  • OLIVE TREE: Laura Mays & Rebecca Yaffe
  • PENELOPE: Rachel Robbins
  • PENELOPE: Tonya Foster
  • PENELOPE’S MAIDS: Bernadine Mellis
  • POLYPHEMOS: Andrea Lawlor
  • POSEIDON : Andrea Lawlor
  • SHADES OF HADES: Frances Richard
  • SHADES OF HEROES: Rachel Robbins
  • SHADES OF WOMEN: Senseney Stokes
  • SIRENS: Laura Jaramillo
  • SISYPHOS: Sara Seinberg
  • SKYLLA: Judith Jordan
  • SUITORS: Ida Dewey Acton
  • SUITORS: Bernadine Mellis
  • TELEMAKHOS: Frances Richard
  • THEOKLYMENOS: Bernadine Mellis, Frances Richard, & Andrea Lawlor
  • TIRESIAS: David West