EE Miller curated the sound.
Andrea Lawlor edited the zine.


  • My Invisible: Receptivity
  • Greta Byrum: O & Old Radio Ghost
  • Sara Jaffe: Doesn’t Deserve
  • Cynthia Nelson with Rocketship: The Wheel Stood Still
  • Eileen Myles: Call It In
  • Jennie C. Jones: Eurydice Yearning, Orfeo Turning
  • Carmen White: Triple Throated Monster
  • My Invisible: Duplicity
  • Bernadine Mellis: Shady Grove
  • EE Miller: Murder
  • Juliana Snapper & Ron Athey: Auto da Fe
  • Jean Smith: O-Man


  • Ari Banias: Elegy
  • Julia Bloch: I dream I’m the death of the Hellmouth
  • Sara Jaffe: Orpheus and Eurydice
  • Cathy Halley: Orpheus is in the Closet
  • David West: Rock the Dead
  • Cat Tyc: The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
  • Laurie Weeks: How I Lost My Mojo
  • Matthew Wills: Cerberus…
  • Dori Midnight: Summoning Spell for an Errant Lover
  • Julia Bloch: from My Morphic Boy
  • Christopher Davis: Metamorph
  • Robin Lewis: “…lightly clinging and too easily fallen”
  • Andrea Lawlor: Orpheus
  • Ari Banias: Weeping Beasts
  • Centerfold: Seeds for a Song Garden
  • Centerfold drawing by Lena Wolff
  • Seed packet illustrated by Corinna Press
  • Seed Packet printed by Blake Riley at Tap Root Press